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Veterans for All Voters is a non-partisan 501(c)3 non-profit organization


A competitive American democracy where everyday citizens are incentivized and excited to participate.


To make our system less polarizing and more competitive by mobilizing veterans and supporters to advocate for election innovations.

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Endorse Reforms that put Voters First

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As an American and as a member of the military community, I believe that politicians and elected officials need to be accountable to their constituents. I support party-neutral election reforms that improve representation and increase accountability. Our current election system all too often robs voters of real choices, ignores the reasonable majority, and fosters extreme polarization.

At Veterans for All Voters, we believe three things should be true in every major election:


All eligible voters should have the freedom to vote for any candidate, regardless of party, in every taxpayer funded election.

A candidate should be required to earn a majority of the vote in order to win.

Voters should have real choices, and elected officials should face real competition.  An election without competition is not an election.

We know that America faces a political crisis of its own making, and strongly encourage adoption of election reforms that restore power to the people and put voters first.

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Veterans for All Voters inspires and mobilizes military veterans and supporters to advocate for specific election innovations like Open (nonpartisan) Primaries, Ranked-Choice Voting, and Final Five Voting.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions


Have inquiries about our initiatives? We answer some of the most common questions here.

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