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Underground House @ Arena Hall (SXSW 2023) ft. Todd Connor

At Underground House during SXSW, Liberty Live sought to bring to light and amplify underground ideas, conversations, artists, authors, and creators that challenge the status quo.

We celebrated those willing to dare greatly - to show up and be a man or a woman in the arena. Guests heard from experts speaking on some of the most critical topics dividing our nation today: education, elections, and entrepreneurship.

Our featured thought leaders, sponsors, & partners this year included: Magatte Wade, Serial Entrepreneur James Werner, University of Austin Michael Strong, Socratic Experience Steve Everist, Integrally Todd Connor, Veterans for Political Innovation Andrew Yang, Forward Party Karith Foster, Inversity Joel Trammell, American CEO Kris Goldsmith, Task Force Butler Michael Bird, Gladius International Brittany Kaiser, Lucy Scientific Discovery Evan Baehr, Learn Capital Alexander McCobin, Liberty Ventures Jeff Frazee, Liberty Ventures Matt O'Hayer, Vital Farms Lauren M. Postler, Liberty Live! Joanna Jurgens, Liberty Live!

In between fireside chats with experts, everyone also had the chance to enjoy great music, food, drinks and friends…it was an incredible launch for the "Underground Series" of salons, events, and activations planned by the Liberty Live! Foundation in partnership with the American Culture Project.

Each individual's willingness to step into the arena with curiosity, courage, and compassion is a critical component of our success bringing these taboo ideas to the forefront of conversations. Our goal is to create space for civil discourse and spark a return to mutual respect during even the most challenging of confrontations.

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