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June 2023 Updates and Articles


We're just back from a trip to Alaska - the first state to implement a nonpartisan single-ballot primary with an instant runoff general election - and the results of that reform have been immediate and powerful. We heard from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike on the change of the "culture" of politics from negative lesser-of-two-evils campaigns towards idea-centered collaborative campaigns.

We heard from elected officials about their ability to step out beyond their political party on issues that mattered to their constituents when it was in their best interests. Nothing could be worse for the politics industry, political show-horses, and media ratings than constructive, low-drama, policy-driven vs. identity-driven politics, and yet that is exactly what the American people want. Alaskans show us a way forward.

Click the link below for some photos from events around the country that our outstanding task force leaders have attended or hosted, as well as some curated articles about the power of election reforms, some of the myths swirling around, and how we move forward together. We invite you to get smart, and then share with others who are experienced "outrage fatigue" and who are looking for something productive to do with their frustration over the state of politics in our beloved country.

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