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VPI Grows National Presence With A Roundtable Event In Missouri

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

About 20 veterans from across Missouri, and across the political spectrum, joined Veterans for Political Innovation (VPI) for an interactive roundtable lunch in St. Louis, Missouri last Friday. VPI co-founders, Todd Connor and Dan Biga, flew in from Chicago to help lead the event, hosted at the beautiful Perennial on Lockwood Atrium in Webster Groves, MO.

The politically diverse group of veterans was a testimony to the growing interest in election innovations. Almost everyone understands that our current political system is broken. However, most people have never heard of one potential powerful solution—an election innovation known as “Final-Five Voting” (FFV). FFV will help make our system less toxic and more effective by restoring healthy competition to our general elections. FFV offers voters five viable candidates, in November, on a ranked-choice ballot.

In 2020, voters in Alaska adopted a new election system very similar to Final-Five Voting. And, there is a bill for Final-Five Voting pending in the Wisconsin state legislature. Three of the four bi-partisan Wisconsin co-authors are military veterans. In at least three other states, citizens are seriously considering launching a ballot initiative for this powerful new election innovation that incentivizes problem solving and collaboration through healthy competition.

Too many good Americans are sitting on the sidelines, resigned to the false belief that things will never change. Our current political system is toxic and dysfunctional, in part, because of low turnout partisan primary elections. Indeed, thanks to our anti-competitive, two-party duopoly, over 80% of our congressional districts are uncompetitive in the general election (in November).

Our uncompetitive general elections create broken, misaligned incentives that push us toward partisan extremes. Because of these broken incentives, too often, in our current political system, elected leaders are rewarded for doing nothing. VPI believes the path toward better, more accountable and effective representation starts with healthy competition and more viable candidate choices for voters in November.

Final-Five Voting is the best innovation proposed in the political marketplace to address toxic, partisan gridlock and paralyzing polarization. Momentum for this powerful innovation is growing! If any elected leader (or citizen) doesn’t support Final-Five Voting, then, it’s on them to propose alternative solutions that will help fix our broken and ineffective government.

In the coming weeks, VPI will announce details about our next national event, where we’ll highlight the traction we’re gaining in Missouri, Wisconsin and other states across the country. Join us today!

VPI is a national, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. As such, we welcome donations or connections to potential supporters.

Would you like to join Veterans for Political Innovation, or learn more? There are several ways to support VPI’s urgent mission:

  1. If you’re interested in building a VPI team or task force in your state please take a moment to fill out our volunteer intake form on our website.

  2. You can visit VPI’s website to start your learning journey about the specific innovations we’re advocating for, or

  3. Download our VPI Field Manual to explore different ways to start advocating for the changes we’re seeking to make.

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