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VPI June Highlights

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Launch of the Veterans for Political Innovation Podcast

Wisconsin is a state well-known for its leadership in political innovation. In the spirit of Fighting Bob La Follette, our leaders in Wisconsin started a podcast to build community and learn from others in the movement.

Check out the first episode here:

The second episode releases on June 23, 2022.


VPI's First Event in California

A small yet mighty group gather in San Diego at Protector Brewery, a veteran-owned establishment, to educate the veteran community about the More Choice San Diego campaign.

Pictured are Eric Bronner, VPI Founder and COO, and Chad Peace, a leader of the Independent Voter Project for the past decade.

More Choice San Diego's goals are to increase voter turnout, save taxpayers money, reduce negative campaigns, and allow for more diversity in our politics. We are with them!


Parade in Wisconsin on Memorial Day

Members of Veterans for Political Innovation marched with Task Force Wisconsin leaders in the Menomonee Falls Memorial Day parade to honor the sacrifice of the fallen and join in community over the holiday weekend.


Unfortunate Developments in Missouri

The Better Elections Missouri campaign announced this week that they likely won’t have enough signatures to place the petition on the ballot for Missouri voters in November, even though they’ve collected over 300,000 signatures from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. We’re extremely disappointed by these developments; however, we remain fully committed to continuing the work to mobilize veterans as trusted messengers for this important movement. Special shout out to our leaders in Missouri, Clay Hahs and Emir Hadzic, who’ve led the work. Although Veterans for Political Innovation was a small yet mighty part of the campaign, we’re determined to implement lessons learned from Missouri in our efforts in states across the country.

From our Partners

Curious about what type of Primary Election is in your state?

Check out this informative Primary Map brought to you by the Independent Voter Project: Primary Map | Independent Voter Project

Need a refresh on the Primary Problem? Read or reread Unite America’s report, The Primary Problem.


Check out The Institute for Political Innovation's Tools for Innovation section on their website. We think the data-viz pack is particularly insightful and helpful for explaining the importance of our work!


Check out this op-ed, by the Founder and Executive Director of Nevadans for Election Reform, Douglas Goodman: Data proves opponents of ranked choice voting wrong

Douglas, a military veteran and member of the Veterans for Political Inovation community, says “The political environment in our country is toxic. Voters are tired of the two major political parties being in an ideological war with the victim being the voters themselves. In Nevada, the voter registration rolls tell the story: At the end of 2000, more than 80 percent of active voters belonged to either the Democratic or Republican Party. At the end of April 2022, more voters were either registered as nonpartisan or a member of a minor party than belonged to either major party.”

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