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VPI July Highlights

Todd Connor & Dan Biga of Veterans for Political Innovation Discussion

News from the States


Nevada Voters First coalition takes another important step towards bringing open primaries and ranked choice voting to Nevada.

Supreme Court: Ranked-choice voting can go to ballot, but not tax petitions, vouchers - The Nevada Independent

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled on three major election cases Tuesday that reshape the November ballot, allowing an initiative proposing open primaries and ranked-choice voting to proceed

while voiding another measure proposing a voucher-style education program.

Hawaii Passes Ranked Choice Voting Legislation

Ranked choice voting is the fastest growing voting reform in the nation and is quickly being adopted across the country, from Alaska to Maine and many places in between. Hawaii is the 4th state to pass legislation this year alone to advance use of RCV.

From our Partners


Apathy is the enemy of democracy and VPI is proud to join the We the Veterans initiative to mobilize veterans as poll watchers alongside fellow veterans like General George Casey, former Army Chief of Staff. Check out the article about the initiative here:

The mission of the Secure Families Initiative is to mobilize military partners, family members, and veterans to vote and advocate for their communities, especially on issues of foreign policy and national security. Read or pass along this resource that answers common questions about military voting A blog post about Military Voting FAQs

Ballot PA is a project of the Committee of Seventy and is a growing coalition of civic, community and business organizations committed to open and free elections in Pennsylvania that lead to responsive and accountable government.

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