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September Updates

We are seeing Real Results to Heal our political divides… Veterans for Political Innovation now has over 270 state leaders in 45 states. From Washington DC to Idaho, our leaders are building a vibrant reform movement, demanding better politics. They are leading ballot campaigns and advocacy efforts for structural innovations that will make politics less petty and our Republic more truly representative. Our innovations change the rules of a rigged game, and give voters more power to hold our elected leaders accountable to all of us, not just the hyper-partisan “base” within each party. The right mission at the right time is a powerful antidote to the apathy and misdirected anger that is tearing our country apart. We know we are making an impact because entrenched political interests and political extremists are opposed. Read some highlights below, and we are confident that you will be more hopeful for our country’s future…

The Nevada Independent: Ballot question brings nonpartisan into primary voting process

Did you hear the news? “Nonpartisan voters are officially the largest group of registered voters in Nevada, according to July voter registration data released earlier this month. They make up nearly one-third of the electorate and outnumber registered Democrats and Republicans,” according to The Nevada Independent.

Op-Ed by: Mike Escobar | Nevada State Volunteer | U.S. Army Veteran

State Volunteer Todd Achilles speaks at Open Primaries Kickoff Event For Open Primaries Initiative, Nearly 200 volunteers showed up Saturday at Kristin Armstrong Park in Boise to collect signatures. Our state volunteer, Todd Achilles spoke at the Treasure Valley kickoff

Washington Blade: Open primaries, ranked choice voting support better democracy

"Our constitutional right to vote should not – and does not – require subscribing to a political party. Yet, registered independents are denied that right in this all-important contest – even though we pay for it with our tax dollars. It doesn’t have to be this way; a majority of states already allow independents to vote in party primaries."

Op-Ed by: Lisa Rice Washington D.C. Volunteer | Military Spouse

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Alaska took back its elections with ranked choice voting. Let's keep it that way.

Rep. Don Young was alive and well in his Virginia home of 40-plus years when critics began laying their ground game to demonize, insert doubt and blame ranked choice voting (RCV) for their impending losses. Some media outlets aided in inducing skepticism and fear.

Op-Ed by: Chris Bye | Alaska State Volunteer | U.S. Army Veteran

Richmond Times-Dispatch: In switch to ranked choice voting, Arlington got it right

In his recent op-ed, "Arlington abandoned ranked choice voting, which is a good thing," Aug. 22, Trent England said that Arlington "abandoned ranked choice voting" — never mind the fact that a majority of County Board members clearly stated they want to use RCV again in the future, and 70% of Arlingtonians said they supported it in a recent survey.

NewsRadio WINA: Ranked Choice Voting Explained with Nick Co | CRN

Nick Co with Veterans for Political Innovation explains ranked choice voting and why he believes it could save American democracy.

Other News and Articles

Rick Hubbard, the Founder of “Walking to Fix Our Democracy” is restarting his walk across the country, to raise awareness about real solutions for fixing our broken democratic process.

Sadly, Rick had to stop his walk, earlier this year, after his life partner, Sally passed away.

Rick reached out to Eric to let him know he’d be driving through St. Louis, later that day, and these two passionate reformers were able to connect. Rick is also an Army veteran, and VPI’s first state volunteer in Vermont. Thank you Rick and Godspeed with your walk, and your passion-fueled reform mission!

DemocracySOS - Democracy in Divided Societies: Electoral Engineering to Reduce Conflict

Australian political scientist Benjamin Reilly reviews the evidence for using Ranked Choice Voting as a means to decrease electoral polarization

Attitudes and Experiences of Republicans in America

The report was conducted by More in Common US, a nonpartisan research nonprofit that works to understand the forces driving us apart, find common ground, and bring people together to address our shared challenges.

  • Scott Syme - Idaho State Volunteer

  • Rick Hubbard - Vermont State Volunteer

  • G. Daniel Collins, Jr. - Kentucky State Volunteer

  • Rich Stevenson - Kentucky State Volunteer

  • Lucas Cioffi - New York State Volunteer

  • Denver Barrows - California State Volunteer

  • Michael Korman - Illinois State Volunteer

  • Erik Derecktor - Maine State Volunteer

  • Katie Rogers - Washington State Volunteer

  • Shaquille Cruz - Nevada State Volunteer

  • Gail Symons - Wyoming State Volunteer

  • George Carrillo - Oregon State Volunteer

Latest Testimonial

"I am genuinely thrilled to join the Veterans for Political Innovation. My enthusiasm stems from a deep-rooted belief in the necessity for effective policies and laws that truly serve the interests of our nation and its citizens. For too long, the political landscape has been dominated by partisan lines, where allegiance to a party often overshadows the genuine needs and aspirations of the people. It's high time we shift our focus from mere party affiliations to the real essence of leadership and governance. By joining this esteemed group, I am taking a stand for a more progressive and pragmatic approach to politics. I believe that it's not about which party a candidate belongs to, but rather their vision, integrity, and commitment to making a tangible difference. We need leaders who prioritize the well-being of their constituents over party politics, and who are willing to collaborate across the aisle to bring about meaningful change. In the Veterans for Political Innovation, I see a community that resonates with these values. Together, we can champion a new era of political engagement, where effectiveness and impact take precedence over party lines. I am eager to contribute to this movement and work alongside fellow veterans and supporters who share this vision for a brighter, more inclusive future for our nation." George Carrillo - Oregon State Volunteer | U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

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