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October Updates

Friends and Colleagues,

We're coming off of a big week just having hosted over 100 folks in DC at the George Washington Law School:

  • Former Army Sec. Louis Caldera told stories of his fight to open primaries in California as an Assemblyman.

  • Former Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey talked about the importance of an apolitical military, but his support for reforms and his decision to volunteer as a poll worker on election day.

  • The momentum was palpable. People know our political system doesn't work, the choices are weak, and independents don't have a voice.

  • Go deeper and watch the program here:

Veterans for Political Innovation volunteers alongside Former Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey and Former Army Sec. Louis Caldera on October 19, 2022

Also, in the news... Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski just endorsed Democrat Rep.

Mary Peltola, and vice versa, in their re-elections. What is going on in Alaska?!

  • Simple: there is a new incentive structure because of Final Four Voting, which voters passed through a referendum.

The Washington Post reported it here. But... they understate the most obvious point.

This is only happening because it helps their reelection bids, and that's only true because their voting system is different and better than most states.

  • The point: if you want politicians to build instead of destroy, open up primaries and allow more choices in the general election.

What we're reading... Seth David Radwell's book American Schism. We interviewed Radwell, the former CEO of The ProActiv Company, about the 77% "Exhausted Majority" of Americans who are fed up with our politics. Watch the interview here:

And there is more, a lot more, on the horizon...

Other Events

News from the States

Nevada Ballot Guide: What to know about Question 3, ranked-choice voting, open primaries - Reno Gazette Journal

Todd and Eric at the Military Influencer Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 27, 2022.

Mobile voting can help Florida voters access their ballots after the next hurricane

Ranked-choice voting another (tentative) step closer to reality

Eric with our friends in Lititz, Pennsylvania, at an event on September 30, 2022.

Additional Perspectives

In a time of national division, polarizing primaries are part of the problem

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