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November Updates Pt. 2

We are incredibly grateful for our 290+ volunteer veteran leaders who are on the frontlines of a new, independent reform movement.  Last week in Las Vegas, we recruited another ~20 leaders to our cause from across the U.S. They are leading, engaging and taking countless actions in support of reforms that will increase participation and competition in all of our elections. 


We are so grateful to be working on the right mission at the right time, together, in this fight for responsible government and accountable politicians through open and competitive elections. Will you join us today, on this mission to #LetAllVotersVote



News from the states

Todd spoke at the Military Influencer Conference where he moderated a fireside chat with Andrew Yang, Co-Founder of the Forward Party where they discussed how election reforms can open up elections to more voters, force competition for politicians, and begin to return government to the people.  We also successfully recruited some 25 new volunteers to join our movement - influential veterans from around the country.

Great news: The bipartisan bill for Final Five Voting (FFV) for Wisconsin’s federal elections has been introduced in the state legislature!

Idaho Statesman: Open Primary Initiative means more choice and better elections,

say these veterans | Opinion - Op-Ed by Veterans for Idaho Voters

For military veterans, our lives changed the moment we raised our right hand and swore

to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. That oath to the

Constitution is a lifelong commitment to our fellow citizens, to preserve our American

system of government, and to strive always toward a more perfect Union.

Idaho Capital Sun: At Veterans for Idaho Voters, we believe in better government

with better elections

We took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. That includes open and fair elections, leaders of the organization write in this guest column. Elections are the foundation of American representative government. Bad elections result in bad government.

Unfortunately, Idaho’s political parties have gained too much control over our elections,

deciding who is on the ballot and who can vote.

State Leader, Army Reservist and third-year law student, Jonathan LacKamp, invited our

Founder to give the Veterans for All Voters presentation to the Military Law Veterans

Association (MVLA) at the University of Missouri - Kansas City Law School on Wednesday,

November 15th.

About 30 students, veterans and professors attended the presentation which included

some great questions and dialogue. Thank you Jonathan for your leadership and support

of our mission!


Washington D.C. Leader Ronnie Ryder talking about the challenges of voting while serving aboard submarines, in support of our friends at Mobile Voting

Massachusetts State Leaders Ben Lyon, Jeffrey Carson and Bruce Baisch gather for beers and discuss all things reform related, including their support of the new Ranked Choice Boston campaign!

Our Maine State Leader Erik Derecktor worked on the campaign, helping to get out the vote!


Via Protect Maine Elections: Maine voters overwhelmingly passed question 2 to protect our elections from foreign government interference. So many people made this happen, from the signature gatherers to the volunteers, staff, and dedicated supporters in the legislature and across the state.

Other Articles and News

U.S. Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Angus King (I-ME) reintroduced the Voter Choice Act, which would provide federal funding to help interested cities and states transition to RCV, this week.  Consider contacting your Senators and asking them to sign on as co-sponsors!

WSJ: A Gerrymander Mulligan in New York?


“The gerrymandering wars are ugly on both sides. Last month Republicans in North Carolina approved a House map with 10 of the state’s 14 seats tilted toward the GOP, and only a single battleground district. As a result of this dynamic, in states red and blue, the Cook Political Report ranks only 24 districts nationwide as true tossups in 2024. That’s 5.5% of the House. The creation of so many safe seats has a centrifugal effect, as incumbents drift further left or right to avoid the primary challenges that represent the real threat to their power.”

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