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June Updates 2024 Pt. 2

Friends and Supporters,


We’ve been on the road - because what happens between now and November for election reform will have a catalytic effect on the future of our country.  Check out some updates from around the country - there is much to be inspired by.  Also, encourage your friends in the military community to join us as volunteer leaders and if you believe in the importance of this mission, please consider a recurring donation today to ensure we have the resources to win in November.



Todd, Eric and the team

VAV Updates and Highlights

Colorado Launch Event on Monday, June 10th


Veterans for All Voters Co-Founder and CEO, Todd Connor, along with Colorado Task Force Lead, Tony Haas, and a few of our all-star volunteers in Colorado attended the official Colorado campaign kickoff event in Denver. Our team in Colorado is ready to hit the ground running in support of Final Four Elections in the ‘Centennial’ State


National Citizen Leadership Conference in DC – Hosted by our friends and partners at American Promise


Veterans for All Voters Co-Founder and CEO, Todd Connor, spoke to the attendees to the National Citizen Leadership Conference in Alexandria, VA during the keynote dinner. He captivated the audience with his impassioned speech about veterans’ critical role as messengers for a more positive, united, efficient government


We the Veterans + Military Families Hosted a powerful Flag Day Convening at the George Washington Presidential Library in Mount Vernon, VA:  Old Glory, New Mission


Veterans for All Voters Co-Founder and COO, Eric Bronner, spoke on a panel to a room full of veterans about his journey from the US Naval Academy to his current role as a leader in the civic engagement space. Eric did a fantastic job speaking about the crucial role veterans play in the future of this country!


World Premiere of “Majority Rules” at the Landmark Theatre in Washington DC, as part of the DC / Dox film festival: 

Veterans for All Voters Co-Founder and COO, Eric Bronner,  VAV Chief of Staff, Alex Littell, and a number of VAV volunteers from Virginia and DC gathered for a happy hour before attending the world premiere of the outstanding new documentary, Majority Rules, in Washington, DC. After the film, the VAV team was able to hear from Senator LIsa Murjowski (R-AK), and Representative Mary Peltola (D-AK), during a panel hosted by Unite America. It was a great night!

News and Articles


Sandi Ashley said she was taken aback when she moved from Colorado to Montana in 1976 and was asked to pick a primary to vote in, which she saw as a loss to her voting power. Now, Ashley volunteers to gather signatures for two ballot initiatives that would change how primaries run and how elections are won in Montana, which as of Wednesday has enough signatures to qualify to be on the ballot, according to the group behind the effort, Montanans for Election Reform.

Retired Lt. Col. David Oclander said he answered a call to action in his military service in Afghanistan due to an existential threat to the U.S., and he said the country faces another threat now – the current political division. Oclander is with Veterans for All Voters, a national election reform nonprofit.


“My call to action for all of us is to stand up and serve with your brothers and sisters, our brothers and sisters to your left and right, and defend our nation from division,” Oclander said.



How do we know elected officials actually represent us? The recent primary election will push the Idaho Legislature even further toward political extremism, but do legislators truly reflect the people they were elected to represent?

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