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June Updates

Veterans for Political Innovation has been busy.

  • In Washington, DC, VPI Task Force leader Lisa Rice is advancing a new initiative for Semi-Open Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting. A new ballot initiative has been launched by Make All Votes Count DC to bring open primaries and ranked choice voting to the voters in Washington DC.

  • In Idaho, a New Top-4 Open Primary (“Final-Four Voting”) Ballot Initiative has been launched by VPI Task Force Idaho State Leaders, Todd Achilles and Jim Jones, in partnership with other local organizations.

  • And we just returned from Wisconsin where VPI Task Force leaders Josh Wilson, Kevin Miller, and Mark Pfost hosted an event in support of “Final-Five Voting” thanks to the generous support of our friend and USMC veteran Dick Leinenkugel.

  • In Virginia, Nick Co and other VPI Task Force leaders hosted two incredible events in the Charlottesville area earlier this month.

And there is more - in fact lots more. Check out the updates from around the country as well as some recent articles shared below. Election Innovations, like the powerful combination of open, single ballot primaries and a top-5 general election, inspire us because it can actually fix our politics and it is actually being adopted in states across the U.S. We don’t need to wonder how to pull America back from the abyss - we have evidence of solutions. Like other progressive movements that frustrate the political establishment, things seem slow and impossible until they suddenly appear fast and inevitable. Could we be in that moment?

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