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December Updates


We hope a peaceful holiday season is upon you or quickly approaching. We're incredibly thankful to be on this mission with you. As we look back on 2022, we can't help but smile with gratitude and think of how each of you has contributed to our mission: signing up to receive our newsletter, sending an encouraging email, or pledging your support with time or treasure.

Our moment demands important innovations to improve our politics to meet the challenges of today. And we're doing it by advocating for change across the country and building community. Last week, Todd and Eric attended The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR) Summit in San Diego - an important opportunity to connect with others doing this work, and it was a blast. We brought some veteran integrity and enthusiasm to the moment in San Diego and will continue to do so for the movement until we've accomplished our mission.

While Todd and Eric were in San Diego, I was home with Gene and Sally; my duty at this moment. There will be more family time for me in 2023; however, I'll remain by your side in this movement to advance the American experiment. Thanks for doing this work with us. Onward to 2023!



News from the States

Veterans for Political Innovation State Leaders honored WWII vet Jack Vanasco, 95, at the Brooklyn Veterans Day ceremony. Read the article here.

Veterans for Political Innovation Co-Founder, Dan Biga, and Board Member, Sol Lieberman, spent time answering voter questions about ranked choice voting. Evanston becomes the first city in Illinois to adopt ranked-choice voting. Read the story here.

In a historic moment, the Arlington County Board unanimously endorsed a Ranked Choice Voting pilot program, becoming the first locality in Virginia to take this step. Veterans for Political Innovation State Leaders, including Mike Cantwell, were there to celebrate. Read the press release here. Additionally, several Veterans for Political Innovation leaders from our coalition in Virginia attended the American Legion's Holiday Reception in D.C.

New Episode of the Reformation Series!

Special thanks to Ken Powley for joining us to discuss his work at Team Democracy.

Additional Resources and Case Studies

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