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Cape Girardeau Roundtable

On Wednesday, March 30th, Veterans for Political Innovation Missouri State Leader Clay Hahs, and his brother Brandon Hahs put together three incredible events in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in support of the "Better Elections Missouri" ballot initiative (for Top-4 Open Primaries + Ranked-choice Voting).

Clay and VPI Founder / COO, Eric Bronner, met with the Southeast Missourian newspaper's Editorial Review Board to discuss why veterans from across the country, and across the political spectrum, are advocating for powerful, nonpartisan election innovations such as open primaries and ranked-choice voting.

Then, over 50 people at the Cape Lions' Club lunch learned about the VPI story, the politics industry, and how election innovations, such as the Missouri ballot initiative for Top-4 Open Primaries + Ranked-Choice Voting (a/k/a, can help break our country's "negative polarization death spiral" through healthy competition. At the Cape Lions' Lunch, former Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, who recently finished reading "The Politics Industry" book, introduced VPI Founder / COO Eric Bronner.

Later in the day, with an active tornado watch in effect, Eric & Clay led an engaging and interactive presentation at a VPI happy hour roundtable event at the beautiful Courtyard Marriott in the historic downtown Cape. Over 20 people attended and participated in an "Instant Runoff Voting" simulation that involved picking their favorite men's NCAA Final Four team. Unlike the real world, Vanderbuilt won the mock election! Here's a nice article from the Southeast Missourian from the Lions' Club lunch event. Onward!

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